HEEP · The Higher Education Evaluation Platform

We believe that making education more performant holds the keys to a better world. We bring forward Higher Education around the world. With HEEP, our global employability performance services and tools, we help universities review traditional university performance assessment concepts and grow their brand value and their revenue.

Performance management


Our benchmark provides university leaders with a detailed picture of their institution’s performance compared to peers. With over 1 Million university reviews by employers across years, geographies and industries, it offers a global standard to measure and manage employability performance.

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Always-on Performance monitoring

Our data-driven approach helps university leaders review their employability strategy, generate their organisation’s KPIs, deduct targeted actions and achieve their goals. Our dashboard is dynamic and always-on. It includes the most accurate and recent data and easy-to-interpret charts to monitor performance.

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Key drivers and gap analysis

Our 10+ years of research show that the most successful institutions align strongly with key drivers for success, which are rooted in deep expertise in industry-university relations and employability skill development. Our tool helps you identify and close the gaps in your institutions.

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Employability Value Index

Our database of 40+ Million survey responses enables us to benchmark employability performance and generate indexes like the Employability Value Index. The EVI is a leading indicator of sustained performance in graduate employability. It measures the performance of your institution in key drivers of employability.

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Marketing, brand and communication

Brand analysis

Every brand is unique. To build a sustainable brand personality, it is necessary to know accurately how it is perceived in different stakeholders groups. Our data-based brand analysis concept helps you unveil your potential and build a unique brand identity.

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Stakeholder management

We help Higher Education Institutions in having a better understanding of their stakeholder's concerns and interests. That leads to a potential increase in the institution's value and a reduction in costs, if the data extracted from all the relevant sources is perfectly understood and processed.

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Ranking strategy

Our experience with ranking companies and institutions, on top of our constant analisis of the educational market, has given us a sharable knowledge about what can be done to achieve better results in Rankings

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Alumni strategy

Alumnis are a wonderful marketing vessel for the institution if well employed. We provide the means to generate valuable content from surveys, interviews or social data. Their achievements, careers, social contributions can be a great inspiration for future students

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Action support

Data developments

We provide services of data mining, data analysis, augmented analytics, and full stack application development for desktop and mobile.

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Team workshops

With our actionable insights workshops, our tools and our action plans, we empower and align your teams. We help your organization learn how to turn data into action.

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